Properly managing your investment is more than sticking a sign in the yard and placing your property online. American has the experience to help guide you through the entire process of effectively managing your investment.  

Intentional vs Accidental Investor

Not every property owner looking for renters set out to do so.  While investing in real estate can provide tremendous opportunity to build long-term financial freedom, there can be times of tremendous stress, even for the most intentional investor.  American provides the same great service to all our clients but we understand that each client has their own unique needs.

Are you an intentional investor who is looking for a top-notch management company that understands cash flow, cash on cash returns and great tenant retention? Look no further than American.

Are you an accidental investor who loves your home and wants to make sure it is taken care of while you’re away from Manhattan, American knows how to find great tenants and have an air tight lease.

Our goal is to understand you and your needs.  The better we know our customers the better we can serve them.

We offer expert analysis on:

– the rental market through our rent comparison tool

– the best time to buy or sell an investment property

– potential benefits of real estate investment decisions

We offer exclusive services:

-Preferred vendor list with negotiated pricing discounts, saving you hundreds of dollars

-Network of bankers, Realtors and contractors to grow your investment portfolio

-Industry leading technology

If you are looking for a professional property management company that offers excellent service and top-notch advice, look no further. Please feel free to pick up your cell phone that is sitting right next to you and give us a call at 785-236-1988.